Payroll Services

We provide a very user friendly payroll service, as our seasoned personnel have worked at our public accounting firm for several years. You will be serviced by someone who is technically proficient in the payroll tax area – the person "selling" you the service actually prepares the returns. We founded our payroll division after observing the problems our clients incurred when dealing with large payroll providers. Although set up to handle payrolls, we found they were not set up to handle problems or provide flexibility. We always had to solve the problem with that provider, and we encountered much difficulty in reaching someone who could be of help. That is the reason we founded our payroll division, to provide immediate response to any problems and to service the account on a consistent level with public accounting personnel.

Our Payroll Services include the following:


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Application for tax identification number

One of the first steps you need to take as a new business is the applying for a tax identification number. As part of this process, you will need to designate the type of tax entity you would like to be. This tax identification number is your permanent number and is used immediately for all of your business transactions. Your number will be needed to open a bank account, apply for any business licenses, and to file a tax return at the end of the year. Though the process seems quite easy, it can be difficult if you are unsure of the type of tax entity that is best for you. That is where BHRS can step in. We can help you through the application process, giving you information about your tax situation and the differences between tax entities. We can also apply for any state or local numbers at this time.

Process payroll checks and delivery

Once you have called in your payroll hours and information, we have an in-house team of payroll specialists that will process your checks and deliver them to you. We also offer the option of picking up the checks at our office, located in the heart of Overland Park just off 435 and Quivira Road. The payroll specialist assigned to your account will work with you to establish the best method of delivery, and we’ll get your checks out to you within a few hours of printing them. You won’t have the time restrictions with BHRS that other processing companies require, which can be more than 48 hours before the checks are delivered. We also offer the luxury of making changes once a payroll has been called in. The other large payroll processing firms will not let you change anything after it has been called in, unless you are willing to incur enormous rerun fees and other charges.

Provide direct deposit availability

Our payroll processing department will provide you with all the necessary paperwork to allow your employees to directly deposit their payroll checks into their bank account. This allows for immediate access to funds on the actual payroll date, instead of requiring your employees to make a trip to their local bank to cash their check. A majority of our payroll customers provide this service as an added benefit to their employees, so we encourage you to talk to your BHRS payroll specialist about this feature.

Set up of new employees

As you add new employees or make staffing changes, BHRS handles the setup and required reporting of all new employees. It is as simple as filling out the "new employee" section of your payroll information and sending us a completed Form W-4. Once your payroll specialist receives this information, leave the rest of the work to us. Your personal BHRS payroll specialist will contact you to confirm the information and everything else will be handled by us.

Set up of garnishment withholdings and payment

If your company receives a court order to garnish an employee’s wages, BHRS will manage the withholding and payment to the appropriate government agency. Your BHRS payroll specialist will calculate the proper garnishment and ensure that the payment is made at the time your payroll checks are processed. All you need to do is notify your specialist and we’ll take care of the rest of the process.

Set up of retirement plan withholdings and payment

Your BHRS payroll specialist can work with you to properly determine your company’s retirement plan contribution for each payroll and facilitate payment of those amounts to your retirement plan administrator. This includes both the employee contribution and calculation of the employer matching contribution. Anny addition of new participants in the plan or changes to the existing participants can all be handled by your payroll specialist.

Preparation and filing of W-2’s

At the end of the year, our payroll processing department handles the preparation and printing of all W-2’s for your employees and staff. Your BHRS payroll specialist will then file all required government copies and ensure that you have all necessary year-end information for your records. The large firms can and will charge you enormous fees should 1 employee need an additional copy. We will be happy to assist you with obtaining additional W-2 copies should any be needed throughout the year.

Flexibility and very competitive pricing structure

We pride ourselves on being one of the most flexible Payroll Processing companies you will find in the marketplace today. We established this division of BHRS after having many frustrated customers complaining that the other large payroll companies didn’t allow them the ability to modify their services at all. We will work with you to set up the type of payroll product you need ~ bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly ~ we’ll help you figure out what is best for your company. If you want to be able to call in your information on Monday and have checks ready on Tuesday afternoon, we’ll do it. If you always have last minute changes to your employees’ payroll hours, let’s figure out a way to get those changes in and still get your checks printed for you in a day. Ask us, and if we can do it for you we will!

BHRS has developed a very competitive pricing structure that doesn’t nickel and dime you for every added feature. Give us an opportunity to bid your service, and you’ll be amazed where we can save you money!